Monday, April 19, 2010

Angelo's Picnic Pizza

The search for great pizza in Nashville is a long journey. I suppose we should start to dissect the statement great pizza because it changes from person to person, it defines cities and cultures yet never has a standard. From New york to Chicago style
to trendy and franchise. Angelo's is a New York style pizza that Ive found to be one of the best in Nashville on the same note Ive also found it inconsistent but overall theres only a few other places in its class. They also have a lunch buffet that makes this place special from eggplant dishes all you can eat pizza strait out of the oven calamari it changes daily and theres quite a spread. If your looking for a good Italian Lunch spot with good prices 8.47 for buffet and good food without service and decor I would definitely recommend this place.

Food: ** (Good)
Service * (Fair)
Decor * (Fair)
Price $ under $10 dollars per entree

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