Sunday, April 18, 2010

Istanbul Cafe

On a long enough timeline your chances for finding a better middle eastern restaurant fall short. I've been eating here for years and for a good reason. Chef and owner Memet Arslan has been taking the basic staple of Mediterranean cuisine and making it better but don't ask him how because all you will get is a smile. That's one of the best reasons to go here is his willingness to give you what you want. He doesn't open the doors till 11:00 but has never had a problem with me dropping in early he'll fix up a plate of feta cheese kalmatta olives, eggs, bread and honey with hot tea and good conversation. The food is always fresh and excellent from the standard gyro or the masterfully marinated chicken, perfectly seasoned kofta kebabs (a mixture of ground beef with seasoning). It's the only restaurant in Nashville that serves doner kebab all served on a pita or a plate of rice pilaf which is great itself. They have three soups which are a great appetizer tarhana, a traditional yogurt dough that's dissolved into a red soup, my favorite. Lentil and bean. There is usually a daily special like dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat) or eggplant with a red meat sauce on top which was excellent. they also have a one pound burger with perfect seasoning which puts this place in, One of the TOP 5 burgers in Nashvegas. The decor is sub par, a room with tables and a television which airs Turkish t.v. not exactly romantic but I'm reviewing the food. Which brings me to the best thing about the place is the cheap prices that you pay for the heavy amount of great tasting food. If you like middle eastern fare or want to try something new. Do yourself the favor and stop in or carry out.

Food: *** (Great)
Service: * (Fair)
Decor: * (Fair)
Price: $ under $10 per entree

2631 Nolensville Pike (between Thompson Ln & I-440)
Nashville, TN 37216
(615) 248-6888
MON-SAT 11-9
SUN 11-8

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