Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Montego Bay Cafe

Montego Bay is a Jamaican restaurant located on Gallatin pike in Madison. I’ve been a few time and not only think its the best Jamaican food in Nashville but feel like im in Jamaica when im there. Reggae music in the background and a dance area for Friday nights. The owner has a success story to go with the good food. The Jerk Chicken is the best I've had, perfectly seasoned the (GRILLED) not boiled like other Nashville restaurants. I’ve also had the Jerk Shrimp and Curry Chicken which were both great. Reasonably priced under $10.00 per entree make this Caribbean spot a must try.

Food: ** (Good)
Service: * (Fair)
Decor: * (Fair)
Price $ under $10 dollars per entree

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  1. My husband and I visited this place today for the first time. We were truly impressed. We enjoy trying exotic foods and were so happy to experience real jamaican cuisine. We will definitely be back and bringing others with us.

    Marcee Gordon